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Light & Shade for De Castelli. Sunrise and sunset are both welcomed into the home.

"With the Light&Shade lamp by Adele Martelli for De Castelli, sunrise and sunset are both welcomed into the home. The stream of light shining on the wall presents itself in continuous transformation, oscillating in intensity and color. "Light&Shade captures that precise moment of the day when the clear sky is reflected in a calm sea," reads the project's official description. Available in copper, brass and steel, these large-scale wall lamps conceal the light source, which is softly radiated from the circumference to create a warm ambient light while serving as a decorative element. Made from a hammered metal sheet with a DeSaten finish, the overlapping of a smooth sheet of the same material creates a harmonious composition that almost creates an extraterrestrial dimension."

Light & Shade by Adele Martelli for De Castelli.

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